restaurant ``Stavraetos``

The traditional restaurant – tavern “Stavraetos” in Syrrako is the first tourist business of the region. It was founded in 1976 by Vasilis Vaitsis and till nowadays his family continues to provide its services to the visitors and those who admire Syrrako.

In a traditional environment, with decorated wooden ceiling, stone curved fireplace, photos and objects from the past Syrrako, the delicious dishes of “Stavraetos” are waiting you to enjoy them.

The hall is renovated and air-conditioned and is offered for every kind of events and social events as well as for groups of organised journeys. The hall has a capacity of 80 persons.

The restaurant has adopted Food Quality Management System ISO 22000 and meets all the requirements of the Food Safety System HACCP.

Local tastes and gastronomy

The developed livestock in the region and the production of dairy products are the most important elements of gastronomy in Syrrako. A great variety of recipes for cheese, such as fried cheese and parmesan cheese, galotyri and baked feta, it will excite you. The gastronomic variety of the region is also enriched by local pies. Their recipes are transferred unchangeable in time from one generation to another.

Cheese pie, pie with greens, local pie with flour and feta cheese[“zymaropita”, in Greek], pumpkin pie, meat pie and pie with spaghetti, are some of the famous pies of “Stavraetos”. More than 35 years Mrs Evridiki makes them for her customers.

Cooked lamp, cooked goat, cooked pork with celery and greens, grilledsheep meat are waiting to taste them with the company of local drink – tsipouro and chosen red wine. The trademark for “Stavraetos” is the great variety of local sweets of our own production.

Events organisation

In restaurant ''Stavraetos''

Our business over the past year organizes various events (weddings, christenings, catering, conferences etc ).

Tsipouro and rite

In restaurant ''Stavraetos''

Tsipouro (local drink) in Tzoumerka can’t stand as only a meaning of word, it is not only a drink.

Tsipouro here means company, means fun, feasting, singing anddancing. It means joy, means love andpain, means feeling.

Tsipouro means endless conversations next to the fireplace, agreements or disagreements, means the passage from the past history of our region to the big future questions.

It means to become one with the place and its people, means to become their friend.

Tsipouro here means rite.

Tsipouro of Stavraetos is produced with the traditional way into handmade bronze cauldrons from local varieties of grapes. Christopher Tefas from Syrrako produces it. It is produced at 18 alcohol grades, doesn’t influence you and is served along with chosen local appetisers.