In Syrrako

During your visit to Syrrako and the hotel``Stavraetos``
you can visit the sights of the village, but also of the area around

The fount in mesochori (the middle of the village)

In the middle of the village you will see the fount Gkoura with its vaulted roof, made by elafropetra (kind of stone) five centuries ago. It is the technological achievement of that era. It gave its name to the middle of the village and it was evolved into a socail, administrative and commercial centre of the village

The churches of Syrrako

The strong religious feeling, the well off people and the faith and close bound of the travellers traders of Syrrako with the place is expressed through the large number of church monuments. The big bells, the wooden carved temple of St. Nicolaos, the embroidered epitaph from Odessa of Russia, are some that you can admire.

Holy Monastery of Kipina

The legendary fortress monastery! One with the rocks! It is built in a big cave of a vertical rock and the establishment is dating back to 1349, maybe and previoulsy. In 1817 changed its limits and passed from Syrrako to Kalarrytes, since the habitants of Syrrako refused to give a girl for the harem of the tyrant Ali Pascia. The position and the character of the monument made the monastery inaccessible and one of those not destroyed by the invasions of the thieves.

Holy Monastery of Viliza

Monastery with unique view! – Monastery of Viliza is located at an altitude of 1.050 m., built upon the concourse of two confluent of Kallarytikos river, between the villages of Kalarrytes and Matsouki. The position of monastery controls the passage. The tradition claims that its establishment was about at 11th century.

Cave of Anemotrypa

The history of the cave, which is located before the village Pramanta, starts around the year of 1960. A cool wind, which came out of a slot of a rock, motivated two young persons to get inside this rock. After that, the search has been taken over by Anna Petrohilou, a famous spelaeologist. The cave has many visitors, it is a tourist destination and you can admire the three levels and the underground river.

Bridge of Plaka:

A bridge of communication and consent
In 1866 the bridge, which exists till today, was built after two failed trials! On the third time the unparalleled technical of the best craftsman Bekas, the resistant stones and the adhesive properties of the albumen of 20.000 eggs which enforced it and held it still even after the arm forces tried to blow it up. It is the longest arch bridge in Balkans. Here, it was signed the homonymous historical treaty, on 29th of February 1944, between the organisations of civil war.

The family house of the poet Kostas Krystallis

There you can find a folk museum and library where you can see the objects of Krystallis family and also exhibitions and donations of other habitants of Syrrako.

Folk Museum of K. Avdikos

In the mansion of 1800, which belonged to the well off trader Kostas Avdikos you can admire a sample of the standard of living as well as the culture and the lifestyle of Syrrako 150 years ago. The granddaughter of Kostas Avdikos, Erminia Fotiadou, folklorist to the profession donated to the community of Syrrako this sample.